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on-site massage services.

출장 마사지

샴발라 스탭이 자택이나 호텔 등에 출장합니다. ​

예약은 여유를 가지고 서둘러 의뢰해 주십시오.



예약 흐름

1:예약 내용을 확인해, 이쪽으로부터 「예약 확정 메일」을 송신 하겠습니다. 메일에는 출장 요금을 가산한 최종 합계 금액이 기재되어 있으므로 반드시 확인해 주십시오. (몇 시간 경과해도 메일이 도착하지 않는 경우는 수고스럽지만 일보해 주십시오)


2:예약 시간에 지정 장소에 스탭이 묻습니다. 직원이 도착하기 전에 샤워 등을 마치고 기다려주십시오.

(호텔 출장의 경우는 재실 확인을 위해 전화하는 경우가 있습니다)

3:지불은 전금으로 부탁하고 있습니다. 직원이 도착하면 정산을 부탁드립니다. (현금 또는 신용카드 가능)

4:시술 개시(코스 시간은 스탭이 퇴출하기까지의 시간이 됩니다)


출장 요금에 대해

메뉴 가격 외에출장 요금이 추가됩니다.


『1000엔 에리어』

시나가와구, 미나토구, 메구로구, 시부야구, 신주쿠구, 지요다구, 주오구

『2,000엔 에리어』

대전구, 세타가야구, 스기나미구, 나카노구, 도시마구, 분쿄구, 다이토구, 스미다구, 고토구, 가와사키시(가와사키구·유키구·나카하라구·타카쓰구)

『3,000엔 에리어』

네리마구, 이타바시구, 기타구, 아라카와구, 아다치구, 카츠시카구, 에도가와구

상기 지역 이외의 분에게

​카나가와현, 사이타마현, 지바현, 이바라키현 등에 상담해 주십시오.

출장 요금에 대해





  • Are there any discounts such as discounts?
    We have released a 1000 yen discount coupon that can be used by all users. (One time per person) Please make a reservation at a great price. Discounts will not be applied unless you enter the coupon code yourself at the time of booking. Please be careful. (* You can use the 1000 yen discount coupon even if you applied the "first discount" on the old website) For how to use, see here Please
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    The payment method when you come to the salon is either "cash payment" or "credit card payment". The card company differs depending on each store, so please see below. Omotesando store accepts various credit card companies, PayPay and electronic money. The Sendagaya store can only be used by various credit card companies. ----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- For paid products such as business trip massage (prepayment) and coupon tickets, Via each online payment system company of "PayPal", "Stripe" and "AliPay" You can pay safely.
  • What is "MENBERS"?
    When you newly register, you can check the reservation status. Also, for the second and subsequent reservations, you can easily make a reservation from the history without filling out the form. ​ ​ * Reservations are possible without new registration.
  • Can I book multiple menus at the same time?
    On the WEB reservation system, only one can be selected from the menu. For example, if you wish to make a reservation for a combination of "facial course" and "body massage course", we offer a set course, but for other combinations, as usual, only one menu is available. Please make a reservation and specify in the remarks column that you would like to change the menu contents. We will return and correct the reservation details here.
  • Is it possible to extend the course during the procedure?
    It is possible without the next reservation. Please give a voice during the procedure.
  • Do you ever meet other customers?
    This salon is a completely private room. We place great importance on privacy, and one staff member will be in charge of everything from entering the store to returning. Please be assured that we will not meet any other customers.
  • I would like to go by car. Is there a parking lot?
    There are many coin parking lots within a 1-minute walk, so please use them. If you contact us in advance, we will guide you to the cheapest coin parking.
  • How do you get a massage?
    Paper trunks for men are available for body oil massage only.* In the case of oil massage, you will not be able to see naked because the draping is used to cover the entire body with a large bath towel, but if you wear paper shorts, you will not be able to perform the treatment on the buttocks, so basically We recommend that men be treated naked. Facial massage can be performed with clothes on.
  • I don't like the scent of aroma oil.
    If you let us know in advance, you can treat with only base oil. (Unscented)
  • Is it possible to make a reservation outside of hours such as in the morning?
    We will accept as much as possible if you consult us in advance and the schedule matches.
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